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Photography Education Resources

If you need to enhance your photography skills, you may want to study the information that’s found on several helpful resources. Each website has a number of tutorials, so the process of learning new techniques won’t be a hassle.

DIY Photography

DIY Photography is a unique resource that provides a variety of lighting tutorials. Because the procedures are cost-effective, you can easily learn how to configure lighting in a large or small space on a budget.

Photo Naturalist

The information on Photo Naturalist is ideal for outdoor photographers. Throughout the site, there are many tutorials, guides, and e-books.

The Photo Argus

All of the content on The Photo Argus is updated on a regular basis. If you’d like to learn about the latest photography methods, you’ll find cool tutorials on this site.


On Strobist, you can learn how to shoot photographs in settings that lack good lighting. According to photography experts, Strobist is one of the best places to gather tons of information about various aspects of artificial lighting.

Photography Blogger

Photography Blogger has a lot of photography and lighting tutorials. If you’re looking for quality content, this resource is worth considering.

Digital Photography School

The staff at Digital Photography School post new tutorials every day. The site also has daily news, product reviews, and a forum.

Tuts Plus

Tuts Plus is a great resource that provides highly detailed and thorough tutorials about photography equipment and shooting techniques. Each lesson is easy to understand because every step includes a visual example.

A special bonus for our long-time readers:


If you want to become the go to photographer for a big conference like this one: then you will definitely need to start attending conferences. You should pay for the ticket, go and visit, talk to to the attendees to get an idea for the most important sessions, etc. and then you need to take pictures! This is extremely important: make sure you take lots of pictures to get experience. No one will no whether or not you are an actual photographer for the educational conference or not. If anyone asks, just say you are the apprentice photographer.

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Portrait Photography

It takes capturing good portraits for one to be able to come up with a perfect portrait. Using exposure compensation will therefore aid in giving a pretty face for the portrait. In making these photographs, one should understand the key parts of the body that should be captured by the photograph. You won’t be showing a picture that extends to ones knees and calling it a portrait. This type of photography is meant for identification and only interests itself with the facial aesthetics. You can extend the coverage of your portrait photo to your chest or below.

photo home

A portrait photo should always be given a frame as it is mostly meant for wall hangings. Superb portraits earn the admiration of almost everyone and should make the characters in them look spectacular. There is always a way or two that as a portrait photo maker you can make your clients look more adorable than they actually are in the photographs. You should therefore allow your cameras a wide aperture while shooting portraits. Use appropriate choices of lens in your work and avoid making portraits that give viewers a hard moment recognizing the characters in them.

portrait sample home

There is the habit of people moving around or shaking as they are being photographed. This is a vice in portrait photography and therefore you should increase the ISO which will increase the speed of your cameras shutter and therefore prevent the embarrassment of a photo with someone blinking.

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