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Portrait Photography

It takes capturing good portraits for one to be able to come up with a perfect portrait. Using exposure compensation will therefore aid in giving a pretty face for the portrait. In making these photographs, one should understand the key parts of the body that should be captured by the photograph. You won’t be showing a picture that extends to ones knees and calling it a portrait. This type of photography is meant for identification and only interests itself with the facial aesthetics. You can extend the coverage of your portrait photo to your chest or below.

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A portrait photo should always be given a frame as it is mostly meant for wall hangings. Superb portraits earn the admiration of almost everyone and should make the characters in them look spectacular. There is always a way or two that as a portrait photo maker you can make your clients look more adorable than they actually are in the photographs. You should therefore allow your cameras a wide aperture while shooting portraits. Use appropriate choices of lens in your work and avoid making portraits that give viewers a hard moment recognizing the characters in them.

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There is the habit of people moving around or shaking as they are being photographed. This is a vice in portrait photography and therefore you should increase the ISO which will increase the speed of your cameras shutter and therefore prevent the embarrassment of a photo with someone blinking.

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